NBA2k14 Ratings| The Top Point Guards

Gaming basketball fans take NBA2k14 ratings more serious than my little nephew and his friends take Pokemon ratings but the difference is my nephews and friends don’t get that hostile.  I’ve seen Twitter arguments between teens and young adults over 2k ratings turn into invites to make World Star Hip Hop Videos and even 140 character limit rap battles.

For those passionate debaters,  I present you with a graphic that will have you cursing at Ronnie2k, defending your favorite point guard and going off on others.  The below graphic shows the NBA2k14 ratings for some of the top point guards in the league and although it’s tough to argue that any of them are too high, it does seem Stephen Curry at 88 is low and as disrespectful as Steph getting snubbed at All-Star weekend especially since Rondo (90) and Rose (92) are higher and we don’t even know when those guys are going to play again

.Ballislife | NBA 2k14 Ratings Point Guards

I’m going to have to chill with comments about Rose right now because we are in the process of putting together a dunk exhibition for him this Sunday in Chicago and I don’t want to get my ass kicked before getting kicked out of the Adidas event…..but until he returns, I can’t say I’m comfortable with him being 4 points higher than Curry.

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