NBA2k14's scary realism - Ray Allen's face + Eric Gordon's awkward handshake with Anthony Davis

If only filmmaker Robert Zemeckis had NBA2k14 technology.  For the past decade, the very talented director of Forrest Gump, Contact and Cast Away has been pushing his motion capture technology in films like The Polar Express, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol and the massive bomb Mars Needs Moms that cost over $150 million to make (close to 200 with marketing) and only made $6.9 million at the box-office.  Call it the Greg Oden pick in Zemeckis' filmography.  After his Oden pick, the studios killed off their investment in the technology leaving his next motion capture project, Yellow Submarine, in limbo. The biggest complaint about the motion capture look was kids couldn't dig the characters facial expressions that drifted between mannequin like to zombie like.  They somehow managed to make Tom Hanks creepy with their distorted realism!

Yesterday, I was equally freaked out when I saw the above next-gen pic pic of Ray Allen.  I wasn't creeped out because I thought he looked like a friendly actor that wanted to murder children on a train to the north pole, I was creeped out because of how realistic they made him.  I bet if that next gen Ray Allen teamed up with Zemeckis, they could pull off a better Jesus Shuttlesworth performance.

While exploring more examples of the realism of NBA2k14 I came across this video of Eric Gordon (I guess) and Anthony Davis caught in one of those awkward Kevin Love handshakes.

So here's a toast to next gen graphics and our bleak future where the next AI will end up looking like Haley Joel Osment in AI.

Source: USA Today



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