NBA2k15 introduces 2KTV w/ Kevin Durant & Rachel DeMita

The Ballislife family is excited about NBA 2KTV -- a live highlight and interview show -- but we are beyond excited and proud to see Rachel DeMita hosting it.

You might recognize Rachel from the Stronger Team training videos with Alan Stein or maybe from our Ballislife All-American game interviewing future stars like Stanley Johnson, Cliff Alexander and Kelly Oubre. Or maybe you just recognize her from our borderline stalking posts like "every hoop fan's dream girl." Regardless if you have seen her or not in the past, I can guarantee you are going to see a lot of her in the future.

When I met Rachel, I was telling her my complaints about a lot of hosts and their hoop and sports shows and told her that she would be the perfect host for a show and could be this generation's Willow Bay (no that's not a cheesy pick-up line). Since that day, we have seen Rachel judge dunk contests, interview pro players, shine on the ESPY's red carpet and here we are today with the big news about her big show premiering in October.


The real-life DeMita — not an animated replica — will greet you every time you put on the game. She’ll provide a brief update on the latest happenings in the NBA 2K community. She might be back later with highlights of your game and ask you how you did it.

The actual show will be shot at 2K’s studios and streamed into the game once a week. Planned to last about 15 minutes, it will feature fast-paced segments from highlights of actual NBA 2K games played by users who allow 2K to access their systems through the DVR function, plus highlights of NBA 2K tournaments and other large-scale events and interviews with actual game users and tournament winners and exclusive interviews with NBA players, coaches and experts.

One of my favorite parts of this is I was a former Division I basketball player and to me the point of playing basketball and the point of playing video games is the same thing: to have a really amazing time competing,” DeMita said. “With the show, we always want to have a good time and show all of the culture and the entertainment value that surrounds the NBA, that surrounds NBA2K and that surrounds our gaming community. Everybody is coming there for essentially the same reason. Being able to bring these guys access to some of the things they couldn’t have access to before, for instance they wouldn’t know necessarily that someone in Maryland is at the top of the leader board, but I’ll be able to let the rest of the community know that.

“At the same time someone may not know that Kevin Durant loves to play NBA 2K, and also likes to play with other NBA players. So when I do interviews with him, the whole community will get to watch that and enjoy in those aspects of the culture.”

Congrats Rachel! Now, where's my free copy of the game?



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