Official NBA LIVE 14 First Look “Actual Game Play” Trailer

Players in this post:
Kyrie Irving Damian Lillard

As Ronnie2k continues to create buzz for the new NBA2k14 game by releasing the ratings of the players, EA Sports is quietly getting back into the game by dropping videos with Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard and trailers like this one. 

As interesting as it was that 2K used the 13  year old Nas song “Hate Me Now” in their game play trailer, I find it equally interesting that EA used the song “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” by non-mainstream rapper Action Bronson.  If you haven’t seen the hilarious official video of the song then check this out – there’s some hoop action in it.

Live returns from the dead on November 19th and with the success of The Walking Dead and everything else with Zombie in the title, I’m hoping the EA Sports franchise’s success is more surprise box office hit World War Z than box office flop R.I.P.D.


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