NBA’s greatest 25pt/25reb games (Webber, Love, Shaq, Hakeem)

Nikola Vučević made franchise history last night with his 20 point 29 rebound game.  His 29 boards passed the record of 28 that was originally set by Shaq back in 1993.   In that game Shaq also had 24 points and 15 blocks for what maybe the most impressive triple double in the past 25 years.  As historical as that game was it would of been nice if he could of picked up 1 more point (a missed free throw) to have another entry in the 25/25 club that has only been reached 25 times in the last 25 years.

The club includes Chris Webber, Hakeem, Shaq, Charles Oakley and Barkley, Kevin Willis, KG, Kevin Love, Al Jefferson, Mutombo, Parish, Dwight Howard, Zach Randolph, Lorenzen Wright (RIP) and the fantasy frustration that is Ersan Ilysova.

Here’s a list of the most impressive stat stuffing boxscore lines out of the 25.


Chris Webber: 51 points 26 rebounds 5 assist 3 steals 2 blocks

As amazing as those apples are, Webber did lose the game and missed a sickening 26 shots (out of 50) which is the main reason he was able to get so many offensive boards.

[youtube id=”69BDEkBqzDA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Kevin Love: 31 points 31 rebounds 5 assist 0 steals 1 block

Love has the only 30/30 game in the past 25 years and managed to do it in only 41 minutes against the Knicks who shot 38% from the field.

Charles Oakley: 26 points 35 rebounds 3 assist 1 steals 0 block

There weren’t too many times you can say that Jordan’s scoring output was above 20 and matched by a big man teammate but the Oakman did it back in 1988 when he matched MJ’s 26 points and added 35 rebounds which is the highest rebound total of the past 25 years.

Akeem Olajuwon: 32 points 25 rebounds 2 assist 3 steals 10 blocks

The quadruple double expert is the only player in the 25/25 club with a triple double.  This dominant game came against the brand new Orlando Magic franchise.  The leading rebounder for Orlando was current GM Otis Smith with 10.

Ersan Ilysova: 29 points 25 rebounds 0 assist 1 steal 1 block (36 minutes)

Competing with Lorenzen Wright (33/26) as the most unknown name on the list, Ersan accomplished this feat in the least amount of minutes.  There’s a good chance if you drafted Ersan in your fantasy league way earlier than you should have it’s because you remember the 2nd half of last season when he did this to the Nets and was putting up 20/10 games on the regular. Can somebody remind Scott Skiles of this.

Dikembe Mutombo: 27 points 29 rebounds 3 assist 0 steals 6 blocks

Most people know of Deke as the shot blocking genius that will miss a double double or even a triple double because of lack of points.  What they don’t remember is when he came into the league, he was an allstar as a rookie and was putting up 20 points on a nightly basis for the first half of the season.  He even had a 39 point 21 rebound game.  But in 1999 while playing with the Atlanta Hawks, hoping that Isaiah Rider doesn’t come through with his death threats, Deke had a 1989 flashback game of 27 points and 29 rebounds.  It was against Rider’s former team the TWolves and KG who later joined the 25/25 club with a  33/25 game in 2003.

Shaq: 31 points 26 rebounds 2 assist 0 steals 7 blocks

Near the end of the Shaq era LA, playing with Gary Payton and Karl Malone, Shaq had this monster game against the Bucks and draft busts Joe Smith and Keith Van Horn.

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