NBA’s Highest Jumper, DJ Stephens, Threw Down A Ridiculous Alley-Oop Vs The Magic

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Zach LaVine

You are going to hear me say this every single time the Grizzlies DJ Stephens throws down a dunk in the first half of this season: DJ Stephens and his 46″ vert needs to be in the NBA dunk contest.

On Monday against the Orlando Magic, Stephens scored 8 points in 16 minutes. 4 of those points came off of dunk of the night nominees. In the video above, Stephens slammed harder than the Grizzlier digital reporter slammed her head against a camera during a DJ Stephens interview.

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Sorry Alexis, I had to bring it up!

If the video above and our post posts aren’t enough to convince you that Zach LaVine needs to be worried about a 3-peat at All-Star weekend, keep in mind Stephens has Vince Carter in his corner! That’s like Creed with Rocky in his corner.