Nelly goes off on Kobe Bryant on ESPN First Take – Stephen A. Smith calls blasphemy

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A couple of months ago when asked about Kobe’s shoes, rapper Nelly said they were “one of the most ugliest fucking shoes I’ve ever seen in my life.”  I think most people will agree with him that the  Adidas Kobe 2 sneakers is one of the ugliest in history.  Bleacher Report even called it the “Ugliest Shoe Ever Made” and said it looked like “a mixture of cinder block, space boot and a block of cheese.”  But some Kobe fanatics took offense because that’s what they do anytime somebody has anything negative to say about anything related to Kobe.

Now, Nelly was on ESPN First Take yesterday and shared his not so flattering opinions about Kobe Bryant that lead Stephen A. Smith to call “blasphemy” and blow up on-air along with thousands on Twitter and not just those sensitive Kobe fanatics.  There’s not much to say here to defend Kobe and I’ll leave the putdowns on Nelly to everybody else.  What I will do is post some retro vids of Nelly playing ball and start it off Nelly challenging Bow Wow in basketball for $100k & then Bow Wow breaking his ankles.

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[youtube id=”jk5G-WE4C_Q” width=”600″ height=”350″]



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