New Balance 998 x Premier


Michigan-based Premier has grabbed a seldom pair of used New Balance’s for its latest collaboration.  The New Balance 998 has been drafted by Premier to coated with a early 20th century automobile inspiration.  Everything on this sneaker is top shelf hand made in the USA.  A premium black suede takes place from the mid to back panels of the shoe, while a suede tan toe box covers the front end of the sneaker.  A white outsole sits at the bottom to add the classic feel that the majority of NB’s consist of.  The sneaker also comes with a “PRMR” license plate tag and a key to resemble the automotive industry.  The insoles have images of quilted leather to portray the “interior” of a car.  An official release is set for Saturday, August 2nd for a price of $220 while other New Balance retailers will drop the 998’s on September 5th.

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Images: Sneaker News