New Ballislife Gear Including Slides, Swagbag 2.0 and MORE!

The newest product we’re really proud of is our Ballislife All Star Slides.

Ballislife All-Star Slides

We’ve teamed up with ISlides to bring you the most comfortable footwear you’ll ever find. Whether you’re rockin’ them to and from the gym, chillin’ at home, or going out on the town. You’ll look as good in them as they feel on your feet.
We have both the regular Ballislife “B” logo and the All Star Slides to choose from.

If you’ve been keeping up with us you’ll also notice we have upgraded our backpacks, the Swagbag 2.0!

Ballislife Swagbag 2.0

The Ballislife Swagbag 2.0 is here with the same design you loved on the first Swagbag with some major upgrades. The headphone slit is still there, so you can listen to music on the go without holding your iPod or mp3 player. The backpack also includes two major compartments with one equipped with a laptop sleeve. The Ballislife Swagbag 2.5 was made for the hooper. It comes with all the same upgrades as the Swagbag 2.0 but also includes an extra compartment and a mesh pocket. The mesh pocket on the outside of the backpack can be used to carry your basketball, or it can carry your kicks when you’re done hooping. They will be $10 off fromFriday (6/6/14) till Monday (6/9/14).

Also, don’t sleep on the clearance items! There’s a limited supply of everything and they are going quick!

The Ballislife Team truly truly appreciates the support over the years, and without all of you, none of this is possible. Keep up with all the latest on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

The Ballislife Team

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