New NBA2k14 Trailer uses “Hate Me Now” song & people are “hating”

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2K Sports dropped a new trailer, using the  1999 hit song “Hate Me Now” by Nas, for NBA2k14 yesterday and surprisingly they did get a lot of “hate.” The “haters” are complaining that the graphics in the trailer don’t look any better than last years game and then an all out war between gamers on the topic of gen systems and their plateaus happened.  You can read some of the YouTube arguments below.

At least every nba live games was different whether 2k is better or not now. This is a sheer remake of last year with a few new options. All i am saying is lets at least wait to see if nba live is worth playing.

Don’t tell me that they can’t do anymore because the new GTA looks ten times better then the 2k graphics and its on the current system. Maybe it’s time to hop off the 2k bandwagon and realize that 2k14 is nothing more than a remake of 2k13

I think I speak for everyone here when I say, The graphics would be IMPOSSIBLE to fix! These current gen systems cannot do anymore. But I see too many animations from last year. Since they can’t improve the graphics gameplay should be smooth as ever so we will see Oct 1. What it plays like

so what if it’s current gen consoles, they’re advertising their new game, they should be advertising it on the next gen console and showing us all the improvements they’ve made and how the nba2k franchise is truly the supreme one 

100 % disappointed just more slow static boring animations same textures but that’s not the problem , the problem is i don’t see any differences from 2k13 but i was expecting this… no competition means, easy money selling the same game with few adjustments only..

Not impressed. I don’t even give a shit about the graphics like a lot of these casual fanboys, but the gameplay doesn’t look different. Rebounding, passing, crappy AI, slow canned animations need to be fixed.

The problem with being on the top for so long with little competition (EA is pushing NBA Live to rise from the dead with the help of Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard) is people get spoiled and comfortable seeing you at the top and then expect a higher pinnacle and new ground to be constantly broken.  My only complaint is using a song from the 90s and putting out a very mediocre mix that’s no better than many fanmade 2k13 mixes.

Regardless of the advertising, i’m looking forward to picking up a copy on October 1st.  


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