New NBA2K17 Trailer Made Kevin Durant Real Skinny…Like Brandon Ingram Skinny

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2016 Team USA vs the Dream Team? Stop it (Shaq voice)!

I’m not going to get into any this team vs that team debates in this post, but I will point out that on the day 2K decided to release this 2K17 trailer called “The Dream Lives On,” the 2016 Team USA team barely escaped Australia in a 10-point victory.

OK, now on to the game. It looks…pretty much like NBA2k16! But that’s not my biggest complaint. My issue, besides the singer in the trailer and Rachel DeMita not being in the video, is how skinny they made Kevin Durant. I know KD is 10 pounds away from being in a commercial with Sally Struthers or an anorexic high school girl but they made him look like Brandon Ingram before he started his 5,000 calorie a day diet.