New Rochelle beats Mt. Vernon on insane turnover/steal/half-court game winner for Championship

You know those Snickers commercials where somebody does something really stupid and/or embarrassing and the voice-over says “Want to get away?”

Number 20 on Mt Vernon could use a Snickers right now after stealing an inbound pass with 2.9 seconds left, up by 2 points, and rather than just holding onto the ball he decides to give it a light toss right into the hands of the inbounder, Khalil Edney,  who catches, shoots and scores on an almost  full court game winner.

I forgot to mention that this game was for the New York Section 1 Class AA Boys Basketball Championship.

Speaking of wanting to get away, check out the refs trying to avoid the pandemonium that rushed onto the court.  Somewhere Mo Pete is smiling.




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