NFL Great Jerry Rice Roasted Charles Barkley On Vegas Stage Over Warriors

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Charles Barkley

I have no idea why or how Charles Barkley ended up on stage at the Lake Tahoe Casino with the the greatest NFL wide-receiver of all-time but I’m glad it happened.

A still fit looking Jerry Rice roasted the not-so-fit looking Barkley for his constant bashing of the Golden State Warriors and their “girly style” of play by pointing out Barkley’s ring-less fingers and he is the proud owner of 3 Super Bowl rings. That’s true and I’m not taking anything away from the former NFL MVP, but Barkley, who I believe has become underrated over the years, never had a team as talented as Rice’s 49ers during the late 80s/90s.

Rice will also roast you if you don’t think he’s the GOAT receiver.