Nick Young Died In The 1st Half, Came Back As A 3-Point Shooting Zombie

In the 2nd quarter of the Lakers win over the Pacers, Nick Young hyperextended his left knee, hopped to the sideline and then fell by the feet of Metta World Peace (and Mila Kunis?) like a dying man.

“It’s just more a scare than anything,” Young said after the game. “My adrenaline was going, and I just felt like I had to get back out there. It’s a little sore, but this win made it feel much better.”

He returned in the 2nd half and finished with 15 points – all on 3-pointers. His fifth three was followed by a celebration that was part freaky as in Rick James freaky and part freaky as in Walking Dead Zombie freaky.

I’ll go with back from the dead Zombie freaky since this victory snapped a five-game losing streak by the Lakers.


Speaking of freaky celebrations, here’s another recent classic from Swaggy P.