Nick Young Gets Hypnotized at JaVale McGee's Birthday Party, Dances With A Puppet & Turns Into Michael Jackson

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JaVale McGee celebrated his 30th birthday with his Warriors teammates on Sunday. One of those teammates was Nick Young, who also played with JaVale in Washington, where they used to have an awesome YouTube series called The Nick & JaVale Show. In that show, the duo used to do silly things like pranks, challenges (the Cinnamon challenge was the most memorable) and hang out with Gilbert Arenas. JaVale's birthday party felt like an episode of the show, especially when Young was hypnotized and started slow dancing with a puppet before turning into, not that MJ but crotch-grabbing, moonwalking MJ.

For fellow old school fans of the show In Living Color, seeing Nick get hypnotized might remind you of this classic skit with Jim Carrey.