Nick Young Gives An Awards Speech After Lakers Win, Calls Clarkson A Crackhead.

Swaggy P must have felt inspired after watching the great speeches by Mahershala Ali, Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis at the SAG awards this past weekend, because he gave a pretty amusing one after the Lakers win over the Nuggets on Tuesday.

“Shout out to D’Angelo Russell,” said Nick Young in honor of Russell’s double-double of 22 and 10. “It was Russell night tonight.”

Young then started shouting out any and everything he’s recently enjoyed.

“Shout out to the New Edition movie. Shout out Most Hated (his clothing line). Shout out to Zubac for being Zubac.”

The funniest shout out came when he thanked his teammate Jordan Clarkson.

“Shout out to JC for doing what he doing out there, being a crackhead.”

And his most emotional shout out went to Bobby Brown, who I recently learned did not actually sing “Every Little Step”, for inspiring him to make a dunk during his 23-point performance.

“He would be proud.” Young added.