Nick Young’s hilarious Kobe Bryant Impersonation “Are you the greatest of all-time?”

Last month, Lakers legends James Worthy and Byron Scott did their best Nick Young impersonation and yesterday we found out that Nick Young can do a pretty good impersonation of another Laker legend – Kobe Bryant.  Swaggy still needs to work on the voice but his Kobe answers sound pretty accurate especially when he was asked if he was the greatest of all-time.

Nick was then asked “Is Nick Young better than you” and he answered, as Kobe, “not in this lifetime.”

A more realistic answer from Kobe would have started the way this response to Rubio started.

As for the voice, Nick could watch this video of Dwight Howard doing his best Kobe impersonation.


Bonus Videos: Nick Young plays the Raft game with Kobe & Gasol & Dizzy from the Globetrotters does a Kobe impersonation







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