Nick Young says he wouldn’t want to play for the Clippers & Donald Sterling will die a villain

Nick Young

TMZ caught up with LA Laker Nick Young, looking like your everyday family man, and asked him about Sterling and the chances of the Clippers landing any big names in the near future.

Nick said he was happy with the NBA’s punishment on Sterling and said he thinks the situation might hurt the franchise’s chance of landing a “top player” in the off season. He also added that he “wouldn’t want to play there.”

When asked if he thought Sterling should apologize, Nick jokingly said “He only got a few years left.  He can go out as a villain. The man is 90 years old. He’s stuck in his ways.  He ain’t movin, he ain’t changing. That’s Django … Django unchained.”

Well, actually Sterling is more like Monsieur Calvin Candie and Doc Rivers is Django.  Leon Jenkins of the NAACP can be Stephen.

Source: TMZ

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