Nick Young Stays Hot, Gets Nasty While Celebrating A Three In Midair

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D’Angelo Russell

The last time we remember Nick Young celebrating a three early, we ended up with a Shaqtin’ a Fool play of the decade.

On Tuesday against the Grizzlies, Young tried it again and not only did he make the shot, he gave us a Magic Mike celebration worthy of becoming a meme next to his “???” one. (shout out to photographer Cassy Athena for creating it).

Young, who has made 18 of 26 threes in his last three games and 42 threes in his last nine games while shooting 56%, scored 18 of his team-high 20-points in the Lakers win on just threes. Backcourt teammate D’Angelo Russell matched him with six threes and also failed to make a two-point field goal. Actually, I shouldn’t say Swaggy P failed to make a two-point field goal because he never attempted one.

So what’s gotten into Swaggy P of late, he’s crediting “That Draco Soulja Effect.” And this is where you insert the dead emoji icon.

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