Nike Air Jordan II Box


What’s in the f****n box (Brad Pitt voice)!  The box above looks like something you would see at a garage sale with a bunch of damaged sports cards and Garbage Pail Kids inside but If you happen to come across one of these with it’s original product inside at a lawn sale I suggest you put down the broken appliance item and buy the box immediately.

Here’s a little background on the box from Complex magazine

1987  – When the original Nike Air Jordan released in 1985, it was a bit of a thrown-together project. Relying primarily on color to pop — and pop it did — the hand-me-down aspect extended to the box, which was simply the regular orange and white Nike box redone in black and red. For the Air Jordan II, following on the breathtaking success of the original, this simply wouldn’t do. The Italian-made, Swooshless shoe arrived on American shores in an equally elegant one-piece black and white box that featured the ball and wings logo as a central element.


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