Nike Air Mag aka “Marty Mcfly’s” Confirmed Release For 2015!!


Tinker Hatfield showed up on stage at Agenda Emerge with some….power to a huge punch. He unveiled the release of the Air Mag aka the Marty Mcfly’s (He did not say the exact date, but they will be dropping this year). The shoe from the 1989 movie, Back to The Future II. If you’ve watched the movie you will notice the shoe has a self tying shoelace mechanism. Well…supposedly, that feature will be on this shoe. One of the coolest things about this release, is that when Marty Mcfly (Michael J. Fox) wears them, he goes into the future to 2015. It only makes sense to release them now ;-).


Below you’ll see the actual patented design submitted to the uspto – link ¬†mcfly-nikemag mcfly-nikemag-1

Last is a pretty cool video created by youtube creator Fan-AngryBirds about 11 Things Back to the Future Part II Gave Us Before 2015