Nike Air Max 1 | The 6


In recent years Toronto hasn’t really been recognized for… anything really. Nowadays, anything Toronto related is pretty dope and in somehow brings in a fresh perspective. Whether it be sports, fashion, style, or art. Toronto has definitely made a name for itself and especially the people who rep the 6.

Nike has finally blessed the people of Toronto with a iconic sneaker, the Air Max 1. The Air Max 1 holds history. Being the first of its kind and a true classic above all Nike sneakers. “The 6” dons simple but yet an iconic silhouette. Sitting atop a white airbag and rubberized outsole, the shoe takes on a tech tough leather to embrace the harsh winters Canada has to offer. Although the details is what makes the shoe for the people of Toronto. The insole features visuals of the Aurora Borealis aka “The Northern Lights” flowing above the iconic CN tower.

The Nike Air Max 1 “The 6” will be released to Canada on December 6 via Nike. The US will be able to get their pair as soon as December 17.

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