25 years ago German unity was achieved back in 1990.  The West German Army, Bundeswehr & East German Army, NVA both wore different types of camouflage that day.  Bundeswehr the West German army donned the Flecktarn camo which features a 5 color disruptive camo pattern.  NVA the East German army was draped in Strichtarn which is known as a raindrop camo which is a more subtle camouflage.

Nike is paying tribute to the German Unification by meshing both camouflages’ together and draping the Air Pegasus ’89.  Not only is the Pegasus wonderfully draped in both camouflages’, but the minor details that are featured on the sneaker as well make a bold statement to why the German unification was huge ordeal.  The laces and insoles are both seen with the text 1990 & 2015.  Marking the 25 year anniversary for the unity.

The Air Pegasus ’89 will be available on October 2nd which is followed by German Unity Day, October 3rd.  Check your local retailers for stockings on the Air Pegasus or just simply head on over to SoleBox.

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