Nike+ Dunk Contest - Reemix, JusFly, Young Hollywood, Jonsey & AirDogg

After watching this video of the first Nike+ Dunk Contest you are either going to think the rim is low, the dunkers are not from this planet or these Hyperdunks should be illegal or banned from the NBA.

As for the rim and players, I've seen every one of these guys win a Sprite Showdown contest and if the rim was low they could still pull of those dunks on a 10 foot goal.   They are all from earth too although JusFly is from Canada which means he might as well be from Mars to most Amercians (Just kidding Justin).

As for the shoes and all this Mars and Alien talk, they are made of Lunar Foam, a material developed by NASA and used by Team USA in the Summer 2008 games.  If that wasn't Arthur Clarke enough for you, Nike incorporated some digital technology that will measure how high a dunker is jumping via the shoes and app.

I'll save $240 bucks and buy some Payless Shaq shoes and just claim to have a 50 inch vert but for all the legit high flyers like Reemix, Young Hollywood, Air Dogg, Jonsey & Jus Fly at the event, the Nike Lunar Hyperdunk+ are must have "shoes"


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