Nike: #KobeSystem – Level 3 Perception | Is Kobe also a musician & actor like Leehom Wang?

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Kobe Bryant

Leehom Wang discovers that the third step in the KobeSystem is perceiving yourself as something greater than great.

You might not know who Wang is or what he does but the answer is “he does everything.” The perception of him to many people might be just a singer-songwriter, record producer and actor but he’s also an up and coming  film director.

Sounds like him and Kobe have a lot in common.  Both of their careers started in the late 90s and became “legends” after 2001 when Wang became an international superstar and Kobe was winning championships with a Laker Dynasty.  As for perception, many people just perceive Kobe to be a basketball player but he’s tried his hands in many other things that Wang is familiar with.

Wang made music and so did Kobe (sort of)

Wang made movies and Kobe did television and went on to work with big time directors like Robert Rodriguez for commercials.

[youtube id=”aYh-IoQvHSg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Wang was a torchbearer during the 2008 Olympics and Kobe dominated in the 2008 Olympics



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