SICK Dunks & Handles! Nike Summer Is Serious Highlight Reel!

Players in this post:
James Harden Kevin Durant

Nike, Kevin Durant and James Harden are looking to draft players for the first ever #SummerIsSerious Tournament of Champions pick up game in NYC. Do you have what it takes to be one of them? Here is a highlight reel of some of the top submissions so far, there are still spots left so log on to and submit your video!

Check out a few of our friends featured in the video and on the Nike website.

77_KDVI_Expanded_TP18_KDVI_Expanded_BS 32_KDVI_Expanded_AS 21_KDVI_Expanded_TP 67_KDVI_Expanded_YH47_KDVI_Expanded_TA 54_KDVI_Expanded_WT62_KDVI_Expanded_ST 


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