Nike + WK + Ballislife + A bunch of movies = Awesome Commercial for Nike+ Fuelband #MakeItCount

If you don’t know who Wieden + Kennedy are they are the brilliant ad agency responsible for every Nike commercial (and a lot of other awesome commercials like the Old Spice Guy) you ever liked from the original “Just Do It” ads to the current #MakeItCount one for the new Nike product called Nike+ Fuelbands.   The commercial features a bunch of film and sports clips with the words count or don’t count on them to show what type of activity supports the technology behind the Fuelbands.  When you see the clip of LeBron dunking (it’s also the thumbnail) and it says “JAMS COUNT” then you are seeing Ballislife’s footage of LeBron from a summer lockout game.

We are very proud to be a part of this ad…even if it was just for 1 second.

Also check out the following video for Nike+ Fuelband featuring our friend and Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown winner Young Hollywood

To read more about Nike+ Fuelband check out this page on Brand Channel




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