NJ Playaz Outlasts Belmont Shore @Fab48 + Other Star Studded AAU Games

In this particular game, it definitely served as the best game in Vegas for this summer as Isaiah Briscoe of New Jersey put up 24 points, his teammate Temple Gibbs put up 26 along with the heave from half court that sent the game into Overtime. Belmont Shore was led by Vance Jackson who had 33 points on an array of 3 point shot shots while teammate Tyler Dorsey finished with 29/8/8.

The Las Vegas Fab 48 has become the premiere event during the last viewing period for college coaches. Last year we witnessed what many scouts deemed one of the best travel basketball events in the last 10 years.

I myself have not watched a game as intense as the Mo Williams Elite vs Belmont Shore game since watching SCA vs Meanstreets in the championship of Sonny Vacarro's Reebok Bigtime event in the summer of 2006. SCA has been heralded as the best AAU team of all time with a cast of; Kevin Love, Brandon Jennings, Renardo Sidney, Malik Story, Daniel Hackett & Taylor King. Meanstreets had Derrick Rose, Eric Gordon. Unfortunately I can't find that game but here's a pretty entertaining game between the D1 Greyhounds and Meanstreets Express. Oj Mayo/Bill Walker duo vs Derrick Rose/Eric Gordon Duo. Oj definitely got the superstar call in the end!


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