Not Every NYC HS Legend Makes It To The NBA (DEPLOYED | ERVING WALKER)

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Erving Walker

Each season, the NBA only employs 450 players. What happens to all those who don’t make it? Some of them go play professional basketball overseas. It may sound like a dream job, but language barriers and loneliness are only some of the challenges players deal with. In our latest video series, “DEPLOYED,” Grit Media follows the journey of 3 American basketball players as they prepare to leave everything behind and play abroad professionally.

This Sunday, we share the story of Erving “Erv” Walker, a basketball prodigy touted to be the next great NYC point guard to shine in the NBA. At only 5’8”, Erv went on to play basketball at the University of Florida. Though he broke numerous school records, Erv still has come up short on making an NBA roster. How does he deal with not making it?

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