Nuggets set NBA record w/ 0-22 3point shooting & 1 shot from outside the paint

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George Karl Ty Lawson

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Damn you Ty Lawson! I usually never cheer for something “bad” to happen to a player or team but with less than a minute left in the Portland/Denver game, the Nuggets somehow played the whole game without making 1 shot out of the paint!  Ty Lawson had to ruin it by taking and hitting a 17 footer with 38 seconds left in the game.

In the end the Nuggets scored 74 points in the paint and 17 from the line which accounted for 91 of the 93 total points.  The most interesting note about the Nuggets going 0-22 from beyond the arc is that it broke a record that the Blazers set just 10 days ago against the Raptors when they went 0-20.

So what happened? Can a team with so many talented pro athletes coached by George Karl actually be so cold?  Was it that good of defense? Was it a sign of the apocalypse. Was it somehow Javale McGee’s fault?  Don’t say yes to the last one.

Nicolas Batum summarized the game best when he said “Weird. Ugly.”

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