NY Rookies: Toure’ Murry behind the back pass to Tim Hardaway Jr for the dunk

Very few players could lead a more exciting fast break than Tim Hardaway in the early 90s.  Whether it was with TMC running mates Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond or later on with Billy Owens, Sprewell and Chris Webber, Hardaway would often pull up for 3, hit a defender with the killer crossover or throw a fancy pass to one of his many teammates that could finish with a dunk or acrobatic layup.

Hardaway Jr is a little different.  He’s more likely to keep the ball and dunk on the defender himself.   Last night, Jr and fellow rookie teammate Toure’ Murry did their best imitation of one of those old Golden State fast breaks but Murry played the part of Hardaway’s dad.




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