OJ Mayo Flips Out & Gets Ejected For Going After An Official

O.J. Mayo came off the bench in the 1st quarter, missed 2 shots and committed 2 fouls in just 3 minutes before being ejected for losing his cool with an official. The good news is the ejection woke up his teammates who were an awful 3 of 17 in the first quarter and down by 13 when the ejection happened.  The Bucks outscored the Wolves in each of the remaining quarters and came away with a 95-85 victory.

After the game, Mayo apologized for his actions.

"It was a poor decision on my end to definitely disrespect the game," said Mayo. "Poor decision of mine to misrepresent the Bucks, myself, my family, obviously my teammates."

"In the moment, that's obviously not what we want to do," Coach Prunty said. "We have to stay within our character. Juice is an emotional player, and we have to, we need him to be aggressive, assertive. Obviously this wasn't exactly what we like. But he'll be fine, and you know, it's something, it happens sometimes."


Sometimes? Mayo has shown off his hot emotions quite a few times in the past few seasons.

A couple of weeks ago, he and Draymond Green got into a heated post game chat.  A few weeks before that, he reportedly got into a hallway altercation with Boogie Cousins, who punched Mayo in the groin a couple of seasons ago.

During the 2014/15 playoffs series between the Bucks and Bulls, he and Jimmy Butler got into a little scuffle in Game 2. Then in Game 6, he got off the bench and walked onto the court to confront Jimmy Butler during a dead ball.

In 2014, he was suspended 1 game for "striking" Greg Stiesma and in 2011 he reportedly got into a fight with teammate Tony Allen over a gambling debt.  During that same season 2011 season, he was suspended 10 games after being tested positive for the steroid DHEA.