OJ Mayo responds to Michael Jordan’s story + footage of MJ schooling OJ at his camp

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As if 2k Sports needed any more buzz for Tuesday’s highly anticipated release of NBA2k14, they came up with the great idea of releasing an exclusive interview with Michael Jordan via ESPN Sportscenter that had the GOAT dropping gems about beating LeBron and past NBA greats one-on-one and an amusing story about schooling OJ Mayo at one of his basketball camps when Mayo was one of the best high school players in the nation (and MJ was the best in the world).

Bucks.com caught up with OJ yesterday and asked him for his side of the story and Mayo, being a great sport about it, confirmed MJ’s story and basically summed it up by saying “he had everything to gain and nothing to lose” and “Mike was Mike.” 

The story has caused a scavenger hunt for the footage and thanks to LarryBrownSports.com we now have footage of OJ and MJ playing against each other at the Michael Jordan Flight School at UCSB.  The footage from the video is from the two team games where they faced off against each other but according to both Mayo and Jordan, they played one-on-one afterwards and that’s when the “greatest of all-time” let the “best in high school” know why the camp was called Michael Jordan’s Flight School. 

Thanks to Beyond The Buzzer for capping the OJ video



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