Oklahoma Store Selling $69.99 Kevin Durant Jerseys for 48 cents!

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Kevin Durant


If I was in this Academy store in Oklahoma, I would have bought every one of those Kevin Durant jerseys for 48 cents each! Kevin Durant could have slapped me in the face before he got on a plane leaving Oklahoma and I still would have bought every one of those jerseys – with a retail price of $69.99 – and then asked the manager if they had any more in the back. Granted I probably would have only kept 1 of them and then sold the rest on Ebay, but at 48 cents, I’ll gladly buy any player’s jersey for any team …with the exception of maybe a Dion Waiters’ Cavs jersey.

Speaking of crazy buys on Ebay, I finally got my hands on this ultra rare Kevin Durant item.


If you want to buy a copy of NBA Elite 11, there’s a guy selling one on Ebay right now for $3,500!

If you don’t know why this game is so expensive and known as the holy grail of sports games then you can click here to read about it.