10 year old singer Olivia Kay blows away the Inside the NBA crew with Adele song

Players in this post:
Shaquille O’Neal Russell Westbrook

I saw two great performances last night.  Russell Westbrook had one of them and 10 year old Olivia Kay had the other. Olivia sang the national anthem before the Westbrook show and then did a mind-blowing cover of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ after the game on Inside the NBA.

Shaq joked that he was going to sign her to Shaq entertainment.  I’m not saying Shaq couldn’t go platinum with a bright star like this but Shaq’s track record with female artists in the past isn’t that great.  Anybody remember S.H.E. or Sonja Blade? Anybody remember TWISM records (which bounced around and had 4 distribution agreements in just 5 years).  But don’t think I’m hating on Shaq’s records – I’m the first to usually defend them.

Now back to Olivia…


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