On Point: The Art of the Dunk with JusFly (50+ inch vert?)

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DeMar DeRozan LeBron James

The latest episode of ON POINT with Drew Ebanks features the man that many consider the best and/or highest jumping dunker in the world:  Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington.

Jus Fly  has been winning dunk contests and racking up millions of YouTube views for years, but 2012 was a landmark year for Justin.  After winning the Nike+ dunk contest in the summer, he went on an international tear – winning dunk contests all across the globe with his trademark cart wheel variations.

One bit of irony was Justin losing in the 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown finals at All-Star weekend in front of judge LeBron James. After he won the Nike+ dunk contest, his face was on more Nike+ videos and articles then the paid face of the product – LeBron James.  So if LeBron didn’t know who he was in 2011 he definitely found out in 2012.

But whether the King knew of him or not, a lot of NBA players did know who Justin was from YouTube and he was even asked to assist DeMar DeRozan and come up with unique dunks for the Raptors high-flyer for the NBA dunk contest.  DeMar was robbed in the 1st round and we never got to see much of the results of one of the league’s best dunkers picking the brain of one of the world’s best.

If these stories and the latest episode of ON POINT don’t convince you that JusFly is just that good then watch a few of these videos where he shows off his 50+ inch vert.


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