(2010): Andre Miller channels Magic Johnson & scores 52 points against the Mavs

“That is one dude who does not care … anything it takes to win, that’s all he cares about,’’ said Martell Webster about Andre Miller. “He came in here like nothing happened.’’

What happened was Andre Miller — the Richard Pryor look-a-like that once lead the NBA in assists and never averaged more than 17 points a game — on this date back in 2010, scored 52 points on 70% shooting against the Dallas Mavs.

“He’s in here acting like he had 10 points. I’m like, ‘Andre, how about some emotion? How about some excitement?’ said a puzzled LaMarcus Aldridge.

Dre’s response to Aldridge was, “We won.’’

The most amazing stat about Miller’s 52 on Kidd, Jason Terry and JJ Barea is he only attempted and made one 3-pointer. Usually, when you hear about guys going for 50, or even 40 nowadays, you will see at least 5 or more 3-pointers. Miller, who is known for tricky post moves, scored the majority of his points — including 14 in a row in the 4th quarter — in the paint. The most spectacular of those in the paint was a running hook shot that tied the game at the end of regulation. The shot was reminiscent of Magic Johnson’s famous hook from the 1987 NBA finals.

14 in a row? This is coming from a player who had 15 total points in his previous three games and followed up this career-high with 8 points and then 9. It actually took Miller two weeks to accumulate 52 more points.

The 52 tied Brandon Roy for second highest in franchise history. Damon Stoudamire — a very, very fast point guard who can shoot threes — holds the record with 54.

As “slow” and “unathletic” as Miller’s game was or perceived to be, he will occasionally shock you with a dunk or a block that you just don’t expect from a Richard Pryor look-a-like that once lead the NBA in assists and never averaged more than 17 points a game.

Just ask Dirk. who once had his dunk blocked by Miller and had a nice seat for this 52-point masterpiece.


Source: Oregon Live



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