(2001) Stephon Marbury Scores Career-High 50 Vs Kobe & The Lakers

On this night in 2001, Stephon Marbury scored a career-high 50 points — making him the first New Jersey Nets player to score 50 since Ray Williams had 52 against the Detroit Pistons way back in April of 1982 — with 12 assists in a 113-110 overtime loss to the NBA champion Lakers.

“He’s always been a great player,” Said Shaquille O’Neal about Starbury. “He probably should have been an All-Star the last four years. With the new rules, you can’t stop him.”

Kobe Bryant scored 38 and was looking for a little revenge since this game took place just a few days after Marbury knocked down a pair of big threes for the winning East Team in one of the best and most competitive All-Star games ever.


The former NYC high school legend and two-time All-Star rarely gets enough credit for being one of the most talented point guards of the late 90s and early 00s. He averaged 20 points and 8 assists for 7 straight seasons! This is how many times other NBA greats have done it in total:

  • Isiah Thomas: 6
  • Magic Johnson: 5
  • Gary Payton: 5
  • Russell Westbrook: 5
  • Chris Paul: 4
  • Steph Curry: 2
  • Allen Iverson: 2
  • Derrick Rose: 2
  • John Wall: 2
  • Steve Nash: 0
  • Jason Kidd: 0
  • Kyrie Irving: 0
  • John Stockton: 0

Here are a few cool videos of Starbury, who would go on to become a basketball legend and three-time champion in China.


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