On this day in history, Shaq, Dwight, Wall & one big LA bust were drafted with the #1 pick


On this day in history, June 24th, the Orlando Magic drafted two big men who helped take the franchise to the Finals, while Donald Sterling’s Clippers passed up a group of future hall of famers and all-stars to draft a big man who helped the franchise go absolutely nowhere.

In 2010, the Wizards passed on an All-Star big man from Kentucky to go with the center’s point guard teammate, who is now a 2 x All-Star.


“Who me?” – Shaq when hearing David Stern call his name at the draft

On this day in history, 1992, Shaquille O’Neal was drafted before Zo, Laettner, Jim Jackson, The Phonz, Googz & the Wizard.
Outcome: Great Pick!


On this day in history, 1998, Michael Olowkandi was drafted by the Clippers before Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Dirk, Jamision, Bibby & Jason Williams.
Outcome: Horrible Pick…make that one of the worst draft mistakes ever! 


On this day in history, 2004, Dwight Howard was drafted by the Magic before Okafor, Ben Gordon, Iggy, Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, JR Smith and Luol Deng.
Outcome: Good Pick!


On this day in history, 2010, John Wall was drafted by the Wizards before Evan Turner, Favors, Cousins, Monroe, Paul George and Eric Bledsoe.
Outcome:  Good Pick!

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