One Decade Later, It’s Good To See Gerald Green Dunking In Green Again

The best thing about this dunk against the Knicks wasn’t the air Gerald Green got on this shot but the shots of Green and Jonas Jerebko’s hair! It was also good to see Green dunking in green again.

The 4-Fingered Assassin was drafted by the Celtics, straight outta high school, with the 18th pick in the 2005 NBA draft. He only played two¬†seasons in Boston but generated some of the best dunks in the NBA during those years¬†and won the NBA dunk contest. After the dunk contest win, Green’s play started to pick up, then Boston had the opportunity to get KG and they traded Green along with 4 other players, draft picks and I think even staff members and retired players to get him.

Green has had his ups and downs since but he’s a lot smarter and mature now since the first time he dunked on a Knick, so I’m expecting some big things from Green in Boston this season.