One-On-One with Sacramento Kings Rookie, Isaiah Thomas

 I recently had the opportunity to spend some time and chat with former Huskie product, Isaiah Thomas, about his upcoming season for the Sacramento Kings. I have been following Thomas’s career since he has been in prep school, and I can’t express enough how great of a match he is for the Kings.

During the interview, I had the chance to take things back a bit and talk to Isaiah about the 2011-2012 NBA Drafts in mid June. He was picked up by the Sacramento Kings at No. 60 pick, and he couldn’t have been more grateful. He let me in on his journey and how he kept busy during the NBA lockout, and mentioned that it was actually a great opportunity for him to return to University of Washington to continue his education. He had plans of finishing and earning his degree this fall, but the NBA settlement caused him to finish school in the summer- a little later than expected.

Isaiah also told me about his close relationship with Nate Robinson, Jason Terry, and more Seattle product guys that he actually had the chance to workout with this summer. Being back and forth from home to his new home, he explained that the best thing about Sacramento so far has been the fans. He had the chance to play in the Goon Squad Classic charity game hosted by Sacramento Kings, Donte Greene, with the rest of the team and more back in November. Having played in the charity game with his new teammates, as well as rookie, Jimmer Fredette, he explained that being on the same team as someone like Jimmer, not will it only improve his game but Jimmer’s as well.

I have plans of catching up with Isaiah later down the road, after he has a chance to experience his career in the NBA. Without further ado, here is my interview with Isaiah Thomas.

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