Open Court TV Show: Don’t remind Grant Hill of his season with the Clippers

The Open Court crew discussed “Don’t Remind Me” moments from their basketball careers.  Most were playoff moments that prevented the players from advancing and no player on the panel had a bigger and more famous playoff FAIL moment than Isiah Thomas. It was GM5 of the ECF in 1987 when Thomas “allowed” the “Bird steals the ball!” moment to happen. What most people don’t remember is the Pistons still won the next game, which was at home, but lost GM7. Celtics fans still walk up and personally thank Thomas for that moment.

Grant Hill gave the funniest and most shocking answer when he said he didn’t want to be reminded of his entire final season in the NBA with the Clippers.  Grant played just 29 games for Donald Sterling and averaged a career-low 3.2 points per game – less than a third of his previous career low which occurred in his second to last season in the league.  His season high with the Clips was 7 points against the Bobcats and his season low is when he went scoreless for 3 consecutive games.  His final game with the Clippers was on May 3rd in a playoff loss when he scored 4 points and racked up 5 fouls in 20 minutes.  You can see why he doesn’t want to be reminded of his final season although I find it funny that he would say this but was rumored to be interested in buying the Clippers along with Yao Ming and a bunch of much more rich investors.







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