Open Court TV Show: Who is the new Isiah Thomas – Kyrie Irving or Chris Paul?

The Open Court crew discussed “Who is the new Isiah Thomas?” and it came down to Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul.

I would lean towards CP3 because of the leadership qualities and ability to take over a game but even Paul’s seriousness on the court doesn’t match Thomas’ Iceman serial killer look that the Bad Boy leader had.   Thomas tried to play modest (something he doesn’t do often) during the segment and said “thank you” for being compared to those guys but that just sounded silly coming from arguably one of the top 3 point guards ever.

Just a quick reminder of how ridiculous Zeke was in his early days. During the 1984/85 season, he had 5 20/20 games including a 30/20 game and 8 games of 20+ assists. He also had 10 30/10 games highlighted by a 33 point 19 assist game against the 85 Celtics.

During another segment of the episode, they discussed past players they are reminded of when looking at some of the current guys. When asked about Derrick Rose, Thomas said himself as well as Tim Hardaway.




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