Open Court: Who Is The Best Player In The NBA? Barkley Explains Why KD Is Not

The question for the ‘Open Court’ crew of Shaq, his former Orlando teammate 3D, Zeke, James Harden’s favorite former coach (Kevin McHale) and the last person Kevin Durant is buying a Christmas gift for (Charles Barkley) was: Who is the best player in the NBA?

Dennis Scott picked Kevin Durant because of his defense. Isiah Thomas, Kevin McHale, Shaq and Barkley all picked LeBron. Thomas said it was because of his leadership; McHale thinks he’s just a better all-around player than KD; Shaq called LeBron Michael Jordan with Magic Johnson’s passing ability and agreed with Charles Barkley’s statement about KD having it easier in Golden State because he’s surrounded by great players on a team that allows him to relax on offense and put more effort in his defense. Barkley also compared KD’s situation to his days in Philly and Phoenix. When Barkley was putting up mind-blowing stats on a bad team, he didn’t get much recognition. But when he had one of his worst statistical seasons on the very talented and winning Phoenix Suns, he was awarded the MVP award.