Our 1-on-1 Quickie With Skylar Diggins: Women Sports, Go-To Trick Shot & Her Awesome 90’s Mixtape

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The title made you jealous right? Well our 1-on-1 quickie with the very talented and lovely Skylar Diggins came in the form of an interview….via email….via a 3rd person…but it was still a form of a communication between us and that was enough to make my  two daughters smile and my wife shake her head at me.

BIL: In the new BODYARMOR commercial about sports evolution, the narrator says “not everyone was encouraged to play” and it shows a male ref taking the ball out of your hands. Do you think women’s basketball is still unappreciated and/or disrespected by the general public?
SD: I think tons of doors have been opened for women’s basketball by great players like Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes and Cynthia Cooper. We still have a long way to go, growing the fan base. It’s about showing that we are true athletes that are passionate about our sport. We have come a long way and the more people exposed to our play, the more they respect the sheer skill that is on the court.

BIL: Becky Hammon, who made history last year when she became an assistant coach of the Spurs, said men are always walking up to her and challenging her to a game of 1-on-1. Do you get that too?
SD: Yes, I’ve been challenged to 1 on 1, I think that’s a natural request to anyone in professional sports.

BIL: Or are men intimated by you because of your popularity and looks?
SD: HA! You have to ask them.

BIL: There’s a popular video on YouTube of you playing HORSE with Kevin Durant. Do you have a go to trick shot you can get a letter on most people?
SD:  One-footed/wrong-handed shots get people every time!

BIL: There’s a nice tribute to Jam Master Jay with KD’s old teammate James Harden in the commercial. I know Run DMC was before your time but can you give me 5 old school songs from the 90s that would go on your personal “My Awesome Mixtape Vol1” cassette.

Waterfalls – TLC
Age aint nothing but a number – Aaliyah
C.R.E.A.M- Wu tang Clan
No Diggity – Blackstreet
Big Pimpin – Jay-Z

BIL: In the commercial it also says “we only drank what they gave us.” Kobe, a BODYARMOR endorser, has been pretty vocal about this topic. What separates BODYARMOR from most of the drinks players have been drinking over the past few decades?
SD:  I’m all about making healthy choices, and BODYARMOR has vitamins and coconut water and overall a better taste. Hydration is so important, and what’s more important is what you put into your body before the workouts and for me BODYARMOR is my go to.

BIL: If I leave my wife will you marry me?

(I’m still waiting on a response but it’s only been 10 days)