(OVER)Reactions To Steve Kerr’s “Disrespectful” Decision To Let Warriors Coach Themselves

So Steve Kerr allowed some of the players to “coach” during the Warriors’ 46-point beat down on the Suns. And since we live in an ultra sensitive world — where people are boycotting the Peter Rabbit movie because animated animals “bully” other characters over food allergies — we have to have outrage and people crying “disrespect” on their social media timelines.

After the blowout and sixth straight loss for the Suns, Kerr explained his decision and why it wasn’t meant to hurt the feelings of any millionaires.

“I told them the other night after the last game that they were gonna do it. It’s their team,” the Warriors coach said after the game. “I think that’s one of the first things you have to consider as a coach: It’s not your team, it’s not Bob Myers’ team, it’s not Joe Lacob’s team — although I’m not gonna tell Joe that. It’s the players’ team. It’s their team. They have to take ownership of it, and as coaches, our job is to nudge them in the right direction, guide them. But we don’t control them. They determine their own fate. I don’t feel like we’ve focused well at all in the last month. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I thought they communicated really well together and they drew up some nice plays. It was a good night for the guys.”

After missing 5 of his 8 shots in the game, Suns player Troy Daniels — who got into a “scuffle” with Will Barton earlier in the week over comments made on a podcast — took a shot at Kerr by saying, “It’s disrespectful. I don’t think it’s hard to coach those guys, though. So I think anybody can do it.”

Daniels’ newest teammate couldn’t care less.

“We’re worried about ourselves,” Said Elfrid Payton, who scored a game-high 29 and started the game on fire (7-7 FG). “I don’t have time to worry about what’s going on over there.”

And Daniels’ coach, Jay Triano, didn’t have an issue with Kerr either.

“No disrespect,” Triano said. “He was just trying to bring his team together and rightfully so. … Whatever coach you are, you have to do what you have to do to build your team up. If he thinks that helps them I tip my hat.”

It’s safe to say former NBA coach Sam Mitchell wouldn’t have been so understanding if he was coaching the Suns on this night.
Source: AZ Central