Pacers' Joe Young Gets Up At 4:30 Every Morning & Works Out 3 Times A Day!

Back in October of 2015, Slam Magazine released their "Rookies Most Likley Too..." and they couldn't have been more wrong on most of the picks, with the exception of Karl-Anthony Towns winning Rookie of the Year (no-brainer), D'Angelo Russell dating a Kardashian (Kendall Jenner was just a rumor but she did end up with Russell's teammate Jordan Clarkson) and Joe Young aka Mighty Joe Young aka Joey Buckets being "a second-round steal."

Now, I'll admit averaging a little less than 4 points in 9 minutes a game doesn't exactly sound like "steal" material in any round but I'm guaranteeing the H-Town high school legend and 2015 NBA Summer League leading scorer will have a break-out season during his sophomore campaign and will have more streaks like he did in mid-January, when he was getting 18+ minutes a game.

  • Vs Nuggets (18 minutes): 15 points, 7 assists
  • Vs Suns (19 minutes): 11 points, 5 assists
  • Vs Warriors (28 minutes): 16 points, 8 assists

This past Sunday, Joe scored 14 points in 28 minutes during a charity game for Yao Ming in China. A day later he was back in the states and by Thursday he was back to his early morning routine (screw jet lag) which includes a 4-4:30 wake-up time and date with the gym. His summer routine actually includes 3 dates with the gym every day. Now that's motivation!

"I'm trying to get to that next level to be one of the best point guards in the NBA," Young said via

Besides putting in hard work in the gym while most people are sleeping, Joe also went back to college earlier this summer and finished his degree. Now that's inspiration!