Pacers Reached Out To The Cavs After Paul George Told Them He’s Leaving After Next Season

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On Sunday morning, The Vertical reported Paul George told the Pacers he plans on becoming a free agent after next season and his desired team is the Lakers. Sending the 27-year old, four-time All-Star to LA sounds like a win-win-win situation since George is from the area, the Lakers would love to have an All-Star again and the Pacers should be able to get some young talent in return. But, if George wants to rack up wins and have a shot at a championship in the near future, he would be better off in Cleveland, which is one of the teams the Pacers reportedly contacted on Sunday afternoon.

The big question is would the Cavs be willing to part with Kevin Love for a possible All-Star rental? Kyrie Irving isn’t going anywhere and I don’t see the Pacers wanting any other players on the Cavs roster.

Adding George to LeBron’s (not a super) team might be a long shot but the news gives us an excuse to look back at some of their epic duels over the years and revisit why George said he’s tired of losing to LeBron.

2013: LeBron 30/10/10 & the game-winner

2013: LeBron (36) vs PG13 (22 & 1 nasty dunk on Birdman)

2014: PG13 crossover & dunk on LeBron

2017: LeBron (41/16/11) vs PG13 (43/9/9)


2017: PG13 is tired of losing to LeBron