Panther Creek's Nubian Spann breaks backboard on an alley-oop dunk

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After Panther Creek's Nubian Spann broke a backboard in the 2nd quarter of a game against Apex on Friday night, he said "I hope to see it ESPN's Top 10."

I hope he was watching because the exceptional play was the #1 play on the Top 10 sports plays of the day.

When discussing the oop thrown by Juan Munoz, Spann sounded like Shawn Kemp talking about Gary Payton.

"He threw it up, and I just went to go get it,” Spann said. “I’m excited right now. It’s God, for real. I prayed before the game – I don’t know what to do. I’m hyped right now.

“I saw the ball in my hand going in the rim, and I just dropped down. It was just crazy. I felt good when I did it, though.”

There's been quite a few rim and backboard breakers in the past few months starting with Roscoe Johnson who shattered a backboard on a 360 dunk at a Harlem Wizards game.  Then we had the Harlem Globetrotters collapsing an entire hoop on a dunk and then there's Florida Falcon freshman Anthony Allen who literally ripped the rim off the board with a dunk.

Congrats to Spann for joining the club.


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