Pass of the Day: Ginobili between Tayshaun Prince’s legs

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The pass of the day actually belongs to the entire Spurs for passing the Grizzlies to the NBA finals without breaking a sweat while accomplishing a sweep.  Yes they had an OT scare that probably caused a few more hairs to fall off the back of Manu’s head but in the end it was the Spurs heading back to the NBA finals for the 1st time in six year which also means TRACY MCGRADY IS GOING TO THE NBA FINALS!  Maybe the Spur’s Big 3 assistance to T-Mac deserves the assist of the night or decade.

Since we can’t give the assist of the night to all of T-Mac’s teammates, we will just give it to the fasting balding man in the world and one of the craftiest players in the world who made an assist between the legs of Tayshaun Prince in the 1st quarter of GM4.  Prince never saw it coming but after that play and quarter they knew where they were going.




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